Tim Mangini

Senior Director of Production Technology

Tim is an acclaimed film and television producer who has worked as a director, producer, cinematographer, editor, and motion picture sound editor. 

Ed Chuk

Director, The Studios

Ed is a respected industry leader who has spent much of his career working in local television's news, sports, and public affairs productions, as well as covering some of the most watched national and international events.

Chris Fournelle

Director of Post Production

Chris leads a talented team of editors, mixers, and engineers in guiding producers through the complexities of moving media from acquisition to off-line to on-line to delivery. 

Terry Quinn

Studio and EFP Operations Manager

Terry is the go-to person for issues large and small, her personal touch with clients and crew alike make our productions run smoothly.

Stephen Barker

Post Production Systems Manager

Steve leads the charge in managing our storage and other post systems. 

Coburn Bennett

Scenics Manager

Co is an innovative thinker and designer who creates sets that work for you, the cameras AND your budget.

Beth Godlin Lillis

Post-Production Operations Manager

Beth manages all aspects of the OutPost’s daily operation and takes care of client scheduling.

Kim Neger

Production Manager

Kim is the indispensible resource for Studios clients and staff. She handles complex logistics for events and shoots—booking, contracts, schedules—and helping clients feel at home while at WGBH.


Bill Francis

Senior Technical Director

Bill is our lead Technical Director and oversees the studios and control rooms, technical planning, and execution of productions.

Phil Reilly

Lighting Director

In addition to his skill as a Lighting Director, Phil is nationally certified through the ETCP program which recognizes professionals who have demonstrated their qualifications through education, training, experience, and who show a commitment to safety and the reduction of risk.

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Ron Milton

Floor Director

Ron is the lead Floor Director at WGBH.  No-one is better at keeping a production on track and an audience in the groove.

Steve Baracsi

Television Engineer

Steve is involved in all aspects of technical television production and evaluates WGBH national and local productions to ensure they meet PBS’ technical specifications.

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Jim Ferguson

Senior Online Editor/Colorist

Jim is a finishing specialist who has color graded and on-lined hundreds of PBS programs including Frontline, NOVA, American Experience and Design Squad.

Dave Bigelow

Online Editor/Colorist

Dave has a deep background in broadcasting, advertising, live music video content, and narrative films. 

Paul Sanni

Promo Editor/Mixer

Paul is recognized for his short-form work such as promos and trailers and he's got the awards to prove it.

Jim Sullivan

Sound Mixer

Jim is a sound master, with work spanning TV, feature films, and award-winning documentaries.  

John Jenkins

Sound Mixer

We owe John a debt of gratitude for developing the OutPost's extraordinary 80,000 fx sound library.

Dan Lesiw

Sound Mixer

Dan is an audio wizard for all seasons: post, studio, and live satellite operations.

Spencer Gentry

Online Editor

Spencer has delivered hundreds of programs to the best of PBS: NOVA, American Experience, Masterpiece and Antiques Roadshow.

Tom Pugh

Encoding and Duplication Engineer

Tom is the man behind the curtain and a master of formats.

Lindsey Denault

Assistant Editor

Lindsey works extensively with FRONTLINE and other major WGBH productions.